Madelyn Cline Has Epic Abs In This Adorable ‘Outer Banks’ Set IG Video

  • Madelyn Cline, 25, showed off her strong abs while wearing a crop top in a recent Instagram video posted by a fellow Outer Banks cast member
  • The Glass Onion actress has previously opened up about her body positivity journey to Women’s Health.
  • She is a self-proclaimed “horse girl” and loves to go horseback riding.

ICYDK, Outer Banks just dropped its third season on Netflix and the Pogues, as usual, are up to some treasure-hunting shenanigans. The OBX cast has also been very active on socials this week–and Lilah Pate, who plays Peeler, just shared a pretty iconic video of Madelyn Cline from set. Madelyn may complain of the lack of AC while filming OBX, but she still looks like she’s thriving.

The 25-year-old appeared in a tight-fitting crop top and shorts, which exposed her super strong abs. In fact, Madelyn was just strong and glowy all over. She was def giving all the beach vibes with her wet and wavy hair, too. Not to mention, Madelyn is chugging some coconut water–straight from some coconuts!–in the video, which really completes the beachy aesthetic.

The post was Lilah’s dedication to her time filming OBX (it looked like a total blast, BTW). In addition to Madelyn’s video, her post also included plenty of other cute behind-the-scenes moments.

And even though Madelyn didn’t post the video herself, OBX fans were still sending all of the love to her in the comments. “She does not miss,” said one fan. OBVs, plenty of “😍” and “❤️” were dropped too.

So how does Madelyn get so strong? The actress is pretty mum about her specific workout routine–but she’s very body-positive. She opened up to Women’s Health in 2020 about her struggles with disordered eating and over-exercising in her teenage years.

“I wasn’t achieving a particular body image, so I was angry and I was starving myself in the process of trying to achieve that. That’s an awful place to be,” she said. The Glass Onion actress also said her mother was a huge help in achieving the mindset she has toward her body today. “My mom and I would stand in the mirror and list things I liked about my body. ‘I like my curves.’ ‘I like my hips.’ After a while, I started to love my body.”

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The 25-year-old seems to live a very active lifestyle. In addition to the daily grind of filming Outer Banks, she likes to go horseback riding (she’s a self-proclaimed horse girl) and for walks around Hollywood, per Vogue. She also grew up snowboarding, she once told WH, and dancing, per InStyle Australia.

Like most people, Madelyn seems to like to start her day with coffee (in a Vogue video last year, she ordered a classic drip). She also likes to host dinner parties with her friends and wind down with a glass of wine from time-to-time–with an ice cube in it, of course, per Harper’s Bazaar.

Madelyn seems to get that life is all about balance. I love a well-rounded queen!

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