Kristen Stewart Is Legit Iconic And Sculpted In These Naked Dress Pics

Kristen Stewart Is Legit Iconic And Sculpted In These Naked Dress Pics

  • Kristen Stewart knows how to make an entrance, and she wow-ed the crowd at a recent film festival event in Berlin.
  • In photos, the actress was wearing a naked dress with black briefs that showed off her totally toned legs and some core.
  • Kristen is very private and doesn’t talk much about her health and wellness routines, but she’s shared a few tidbits here and there.

There’s a lot happening in the film world right now, including the Berlinale International Film Festival. Well, Kristen Stewart turned up on the red carpet for the festival’s closing ceremony in a look that’s so, so cool.

The 32-year-old star worked a black button-down naked dress over black briefs that showed off her sculpted core and toned legs. The hem had cool detailed embroidery, while the top looked like a classic button down—just, ya know, see-through.

In case you weren’t in Berlin IRL and missed the epic look, here’s a peek at KStew’s iconic naked dress moment:

berlinale closing night golden bear award ceremony 73rd berlinale international film festival

Kristen Stewart attends a film festival in Berlin.

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Kristen is notoriously private and doesn’t have Instagram, so there’s not a ton of information out there about what she does for her overall health. Still, she’s dropped little tidbits here and there over the years.

For starters, Kristen has been spotted out hiking with her dogs—an activity that’ll definitely get your HR up. In 2019, she was photographed taking a hike in Griffith Park with fellow actress Emma Roberts, and she was also spotted hanging in a park in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2020.

Kristen opened up last year about how filming Spencer, which focused on the life of Princess Diana, impacted her mental health. “I am deeply thankful for her life and even as an outsider gutted by the loss,” she wrote in an open letter. “Luckily what I learned is that with Diana Spencer there is grief but there is no absence. She will always be a part of a foundational way forward, in love… .”

Kristen wrote that “finding that connection helped me come to a deeper understanding of the mental health struggles we are all vulnerable to. The need for us to be open and to talk about them. Address them. And not hide from them. To not hide from ourselves. From each other. That actually is vital.”

Kristen said on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2021 that she started cooking more during the height of the pandemic, noting that she cooks “everything.” She added, “I tend to be a little more instinctive.” In the mix, includes a Bolognese, cacio e pepe, and…more pasta.

“If it’s terrible you go, ‘what it’s not my fault?!’” she joked. “You didn’t have anything.”

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Kristen is rumored to be vegan, although she’s never actually confirmed it herself. However, she previously told WIRED that she eats “everything,” before adding, “Well I mean honestly, we shouldn’t eat as much meat, guys. You know what I’m saying? But like I’m trying a lot, hard. I’m trying earnestly.”

You go, KStew!

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