Madelyn Cline’s Abs And Legs Are Strong AF In A New Photo On Instagram

  • Madelyn Cline just showed off her super-strong abs and legs in a new post on Instagram.
  • The actress, 25, looked confident in a new photoshoot for Interview Magazine.
  • Madelyn loves to get active by going horseback riding and skiing.

Madelyn Cline‘s latest Instagram pics are truly an early Christmas present for her fans. The Outer Banks star, 25, shared pics from her recent Interview magazine spread shot by Ladislav Kyllar, and they are absolute fire.

In the first pic, Madelyn is rocking a pair of long leather gloves. And in the second pic, she’s wearing a cropped sweater, black underwear with a leather belt and knee-high red leather boots, highlighting her super strong abs and legs. And in the final pic, she’s wearing a cozy all-white matching set of a cropped turtleneck, high-waisted shorts knee-high socks.

“This was one of my favorites ever. Thank you @interviewmag @melzy917 @civilizationnyc @laurentabach @christbollen @benbarna and @taylorescarabelli for having me,” she captioned the pics.

And her famous friends and followers are also obsessed with the pics. Venus Williams commented, “🤯😱🔥”, and actress Sierra Capri wrote, “Oh ma’am the second pic-🔥.” Camila Mendes also left a “💀”, and Chantel Jeffries added, “Um wow 🔥😍”.

Madelyn loves to get active outdoors. She shared with Women’s Health that she grew up skiing, and had recently gone snowboarding for the first time. And she also shared with Interview magazine that shooting Outer Banks is basically a workout in itself. “I get very sweaty. It’s a fun show, we have a good time shooting it. It is very physically demanding and emotionally taxing,” she said.

She also loves to ride and work with horses, and shared with Vogue that one of her first jobs was working in a horse barn. “When I’m riding, I feel very centered,” she shared.

To wind down from work, Madelyn shared with Harper’s Bazaar that she likes to spend time with friends having dinner parties and chilling with a glass of wine with ice in it…which she knows will raise some eyebrows as her drink of choice.

“I know that’s bad, but it sounds so good right now,” she told the mag.

Another of her fave drinks? Coffee. She enjoyed a drip coffee and tiramisu during an interview with Vogue.

Madelyn also previously shared with Women’s Health that she struggled with an eating disorder when she was a teen. “When I was younger I did struggle with eating disorders, specifically when I was a teenager. I think I was around 16 when I started working out a lot,” she says. “I would wake up every morning at 5 a.m. and I would work out for 30 minutes. It was super rigorous cardio every day.”

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She added that she also was restricting her eating. “I started cutting calories. I would eat like six almonds for breakfast because I didn’t want to counteract the cardio that I just did.”

With the help of her family, she started recovery and her self-love journey. “My mom was a wonderful help in that. She would stand there in the mirror with me and we would list out things that I liked about my body,” she says. “After that repetition those things became solidified in my mind. I like my curves, I like my hips, and after a while I started to love my body. I became so much happier.”

She also added, “Self-love is a constant journey. I’m grateful to my body for getting me through everything that I go through.”

Amen to that, Madelyn!