Meghann Fahy Rocked Mega-Sculpted Abs In A Bra Top And Her Fans Are Freaking

Meghann Fahy Rocked Mega-Sculpted Abs In A Bra Top And Her Fans Are Freaking

  • Meghann Fahy just showed up in a chic suit set and bra top for her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  • The actress totally rocked the whole look, which put her mega-toned core on full display for all to see.
  • Meghann often goes for runs along the water in New York, and swears by drinking lots of water to get her through long filming days.

There is much to discuss about the latest season of The White Lotus and it’s jaw-dropping finale, but if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that the show has sparked a (well-deserved) cultural obsession with actress Meghann Fahy. And Meghann has been delivering on her looks for the cast’s press tour.

Case in point: Meghann totally rocked a white pantsuit and matching bra top on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week. The Bold Type actress rocked a pair of white platform heels, a few chains, and kept her hair in beachy waves. Perfection!

In case you missed the look, here it is:

Meghann Fahy Rocked Mega-Sculpted Abs In A Bra Top And Her Fans Are Freaking

Meghann Fahy on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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She also posted some shots on her own IG, captioned, “Cute pics of @sethmeyers listening to the story of when my tooth fell out. Catch us tonight!” People freaked out in the comments. “You’re a shooting ✨,” one person wrote. “PLEASE GIVE THIS WOMAN THE EMMY,” another wrote, referencing Meghann’s performance on The White Lotus.

BTW, in case you weren’t aware, Meghann plays a woman named Daphne on the show, whose ever changing facial expressions stole scenes and hearts.

Now, if you’re wondering how Meghann achieved those super strong abs and overall glamour, you’re in luck, because she spilled her favorite health hacks with Women’s Health. The 32-year-old told WH that two of the best secrets to her glow are exercise and meditation.

“On days I can sleep till 7:00, I go to Orangetheory or run. I live in [Brooklyn], so I run by the water a lot,” she shared. “Heavy breathing and sweat give me clarity. If I can’t, I do a breathing exercise on a fancy meditation app, Calm.”

Another hack? Meghann also swears by drinking a lot of water to power through long filming days.

“I down a massive Yeti water bottle, pre-coffee. Hydrating myself is key. I drink so much more water than I even care to drink because I think that it really really helps me get through those 14-, 15-, 16-hour days that we pull sometimes,” she shared. “It helps mentally and physically, and it’s great for my skin.”

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BRB, filling up my water bottle and continuing to spiral about the ending of that finale episode.