Molly Sims Is Sculpted AF In A High-Waisted Bikini In These New IG Pics

Molly Sims Is Sculpted AF In A High-Waisted Bikini In These New IG Pics

  • Molly Sims ended 2022 with a strong bikini photo that she posted on Instagram.
  • In the photo, the model, 49, shows off her super sculpted abs and legs for all her fans and followers.
  • Molly often opts for early morning workouts, and will try to get in at least 20 minutes.

Molly Sims is starting off 2023 with some beautiful Costa Rican sunsets and abs of steel.

The model shared a snap on Instagram where she’s wearing a little black bikini with a pukka shell lining and brown sleeves. The whole look is totally adorable, but it’s also impossible to ignore Molly’s rock-hard abs and legs.

“Day 5 🏝 Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Adios 2022 💋🥂” Molly captioned the photos. The post was popular with followers, who hyped Molly up in the comments.

“I MUST know where ur suit is from! I love those little shells,” wrote one fan. Another added, “You’re a true beauty molly! Happy New Year!”

If you were wondering how the model works on that strong physique—I’ve got all the deets. For one, Molly told The Newsette that she loves to hit the gym, and she makes sure to squeeze her workouts in early before her kids get up. That usually means there’s a 6 a.m. start time. Molly likes to train using the Tracy Anderson Method or by doing Dance Body in her home gym.

“I get about 20 minutes to train by myself before one of my kiddos interrupts and tries to join me,” she said. Aww. They are a pretty adorable crew, so I can’t imagine Molly minds too much.

Molly will also mix it up with Pilates, hot yoga, and HIIT to keep her core strong, she told Hollywood Life. “I love Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society, I love hot pilates with Shannon Nadj. I think my body does better when I do different things.”

And Molly’s workouts are no joke. This circuit she shared on IG has her doing jumping squats, push-ups, tricep dips, and more. Phew!

When it comes to keeping her body fueled and ready for her workouts, Molly often opts for a smoothie for breakfast and a yummy salad for lunch.

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​”I’ll do either a salmon salad with butter lettuce or mesclun greens and black olives plus sweet potatoes for heartiness and roasted almonds for crunch,” she told WH. “I love a hearty salad.”

Yum!!! Looking forward to seeing all of Molly’s fire workouts in 2023!

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