PSA: The Peloton Bike Is 0 Off On Amazon Right Now

PSA: The Peloton Bike Is $250 Off On Amazon Right Now

Though you can kick start your fitness routine at any point, there’s something about the incoming year that always makes us want to turn over a new leaf. And, as luck would have it, Amazon just dropped a sale of $250 off

the original Peloton bike. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Peloton Original Peloton Bike

PSA: The Peloton Bike Is 0 Off On Amazon Right Now

Peloton Original Peloton Bike

Now 17% Off

Over the past few years, Peloton has become the gold standard for at-home cardio equipment, providing an excellent way to build community and break a sweat without leaving your home. But, their equipment rarely goes on sale. If you’ve been itching to join the Peloton crew, now is a better time than any to add one to your cart because you can currently grab the bike for $250 off—now, that’s a deal you really can’t ignore.

What’s so great about the bestselling stationary bike, anyway? Clocking in at four-by-two feet, the cardio machine is compact enough to fit inside both studio apartments and smaller spare rooms. There’s a dedicated team who will deliver and install it on your behalf.

Then, once it’s set up, you can tap and swipe through a bevy of classes and instructors. From smile-inducing ’90s-themed classes to intense HIIT rides and programs with celeb cameos (*cough* Lizzo and Mariah Carey *cough*), there’s truly something for everyone.

Each bike has a central knob to adjust your resistance, a spacious touchscreen with 10 points of contact, and a built-in camera and microphone so you can work out with friends near and far. All you need to do is clip your shoes in, select a class you love, and get pedaling.

The original Peloton bike usually costs $1,445, but you can currently snag it on sale on Amazon for $1,195. Well, it’s a New Year miracle—thank you, 2023.

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