Pamela Anderson Has Legs For Days In A Sheer Catsuit In This IG Snap

  • It’s been a big year for

    Pamela Anderson, and it looks like she has no plans to slow her roll any time soon.

  • In a recent Instagram post, Pam dropped a pic of herself in a sheer catsuit and heels, showing off her long, strong legs.
  • Pamela loves to dance, and is a big fan of incorporating movement into her daily routines.

Pamela Anderson is no stranger to a daring fashion moment. I mean, she made a name for herself running at a full-on sprint in a sexy red swimsuit on Baywatch for most of the 90s, inspiring lifeguards for years to come.

And Pam, 55, has been making a major comeback in 2023. Lately, she has dropped a memoir and a Netflix doc, graced the cover of Variety, and hit the red carpet more times than I can count. Of course, it’s become clear during all these iconic appearances that her long, strong legs have stood the test of time.

Case in point: Pamela posted a photo on Instagram from a trip to New York this week, and she was looked absolutely sculpted in a sheer catsuit and sky-high heels.

“Thank you for having me @hm x @muglerofficial 🤍,” Pam captioned the photo of herself attending the H&M x Mugler collab in New York City. In the pic, Pam is decked out in a lacy bodysuit with an oversized black blazer. People loved this outfit, and hyped her up in the comments—as they should! “MOTHER IS MOTHERING🔥🔥🔥,” commented one fan. Another person added, “Like a FINE WINE you just keep getting better – LIVING LEGEND.”

Here’s another view of Pam totally glowing with her super-toned legs:

Pamela Anderson in a sheer catsuit walking around NYC’s Upper East Side.


//Getty Images

If you’re wondering how Pamela has stayed so strong and sculpted since her days on Baywatch, luckily, she’s dropped a hint or two over the years. For one, she stays really active. In fact, Pam starred as Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago last year, which obviously takes quite a bit of prep work and dance practice.

She told Vogue she did three hours of dance rehearsals, two hours of acting, and one hour of voice training every day while prepping for the show. Pamela explained that she felt like an Olympic athlete by the end of training. “I have this funny saying I’ve been doing lately where when I’m exhausted and my feet feel like they’re going to break, I just think, What would Serena Williams do right now? She wouldn’t quit!” Pamela told the outlet.

Back in 2017, Pamela told People that while she doesn’t have a super regimented workout schedule, so she just incorporates movement into her daily routines. That might mean a calm walk on the beach or a stroll through a museum. A quick peek at her Instagram will show you that she really puts this mantra into action. “I’ve always stretched and moved my body with resistance,” Pam said, adding that she actually trained in ballet in Paris.

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When it comes to her diet, Pamela has been a vegetarian for 30 years, and recently became a vegan. She even told Piers Morgan that vegans are better in the bedroom, per Fox News.

Jury is out on that one, but I love to see Pam living her best life!

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