I'm a Health Writer, and This Percussion Massage Gun Works Wonders On Sore Muscles

I’m a girl who lifts. This Percussion Massage Gun Works Wonders On Sore Muscles

As someone who goes to the gym regularly, I’m not one to think about muscle recovery often. I go to the gym, complete my exercises, and leave without giving a second thought to how muscle tightness might impact me. However, all of that changed when I was introduced to this percussion massage gun: Renpho Active Massage Gun. And in honor of the holiday season, it’s only 100 bucks!

The Renpho percussion massage gun is a game changer when it comes to muscle soreness. I’ve used the Massage Gun every day for a week and noticed my tight back knots disappear and my muscles loosen. As the name indicates, it utilizes percussive therapy, a form of therapy that uses targeted and rapid pulses to induce blood flow to your tissues. By enhancing blood flow, you can experience greater mobility and decreased muscle tightness, according to Ashley Joi, a certified personal trainer based in California.

“Percussion therapy takes massage to another level and it allows the muscle to be penetrated at a higher rate of speed and depth that is not the same as a massage or foam rolling,” Joi tells Shape.

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After minutes of use, I instantly feel looser and have more range of motion. Research shows that percussive therapy guns, like the Renpho, increase the range of motion just after five minutes. It’s no wonder why it’s used by world-class athletes, including Naomi Osaka.

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