Riley Keough’s Epic Abs And Legs In This Cropped Sweater Set = 🔥

  • Riley Keough is enjoying all the buzz from her new Amazon Prime series, Daisy Jones & The Six, and she posed for photos outside The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
  • In the pics, the actress showed off her super toned abs and legs in a cute, cropped sweater and miniskirt.
  • Riley has posted a lot of her yoga routines on Instagram over the years, and she seems to love hiking, too.

Riley Keough is basking in the glow of the spotlight this week after the release of Daisy Jones & the Six. Naturally, she’s busy making the rounds to promote the new Amazon Prime series. The 33-year-old just hit up The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the coolest sweater and miniskirt combo that showed off her strong core and toned legs.

Riley shared on the show that she “had never sang before,” and spent about a year learning to sing. “By the time we were playing these stadium shows, we were excited to be there,” she said. Riley said the band ended up getting “real audiences,” which was exciting, before joking, “They were paid. They loved us.”

Here’s the pic of Riley’s mega-toned abs and legs, BTW:

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Riley Keough outside of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Riley has had some serious fashion ~moments~ on this press tour, including another olive-colored naked dress she wore on Late Night with Seth Meyers and an architectural sleeveless dress from the premiere with a deep V that displayed those sculpted abs.

Okay, but what does she do to get so strong? While she hasn’t shared a ton about the ins and outs of her routines, she has, thankfully, shared little snippets of her workout routine on Instagram over the years.

In 2020, Riley shared a sweet snapshot on Instagram of herself doing yoga alongside her dog, Scrubs. (Yoga, for what it’s worth, is a great practice for all-over tone, and helps to build a super-toned core.)

She also dropped a photo on Instagram in 2019 of herself doing yoga alongside what appears to be one of her little sisters, so clearly yoga is a regular thing for her.

Riley hikes, too. She shared a photo in 2020 of herself hiking alongside a friend while wearing a bra top and shorts.

While Riley is active and has a busy work life, she told InStyle in 2021 that she’s all about trying to find a balance. “I’m really consciously trying to be present, and not use anything as any kind of escape, and be cognizant of when I’m doing that,” she said. Riley, who lost her brother Benjamin Keough in 2020, has also completed training as a death doula to help assist in the dying process.

“I’m just generally trying to be grateful for everything at the moment, trying to operate in love, and keep my heart open, and give and receive love,” Riley said. “And not in a woo-woo way, because I definitely have hard days, and all kinds of pain and suffering and all that. But I think when you realize that’s part of it, and your expectation isn’t to just be feeling joy, that’s been a real shift for me in finding those moments and things to smile about.”

The first three episodes of Daisy Jones & the Six are already streaming on Amazon Prime, so I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Go, Riley, go!

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