Uh, Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Mega-Sculpted In This See-Through Jumpsuit Pic

Uh, Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Mega-Sculpted In This See-Through Jumpsuit Pic

Uh, Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Mega-Sculpted In This See-Through Jumpsuit Pic
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones struck a pose in an Instagram photo this weekend wearing a see-through, lace jumpsuit.
  • The actress, 53, was totally sculpted in the outfit, from her strong legs to her toned arms.
  • Catherine is big into dancing for cardio, but she also swims, plays golf, and does yoga.

News recently broke that the breakout Netflix hit, Wednesday, will be back for another season, which means Catherine Zeta-Jones is definitely a serious high note RN. After posting Wednesday content on Instagram, she casually slid in a photo of herself looking super strong in a jumpsuit that is ~everything~.

In the pic, the 53-year-old dancer and actress is smiling broadly while showing off her toned abs and legs in the lacy number. “I just woke up like this and realized it’s the weekend😂I am going back to bed😴Happy Saturday😘,” she wrote in the caption.

People low-key freaked in the comments. “Divine as ever❤️😍,” one wrote, while another simply said, “OMG.”

Catherine didn’t get those strong legs by accident. She regularly posts on Instagram about how much she loves dancing, and often shows some BTS moves that look like total cardio workouts.

In fact, Catherine is an accomplished tap dancer. And, while she makes it look easy, this routine is no joke:

Apparently she’ll sometimes just bust a move at home, simply because she can:

Catherine is an avid golfer, too. In fact, she just shared a video of herself and her husband, Michael Douglas, taking a trip to a gorgeous course. And then she actually completed a picture-perfect swing, which requires some serious upper arm and core strength:

While regular dance and sports practice will build up impressive muscle tone, Catherine also finds time for yoga—a workout that’s amazing for all-over strength, conditioning, and mobility. Check out this recent video of herself and several women doing the dancer pose:

When it’s not dance or yoga, she mixes it up with some swimming, too—and pretty much anything that keeps her active. “If I become a little lethargic or lax in the physical part of my life, I get stressed,” Catherine previously told the Telegraph. “So I swim. I have one of those pools where I can swim against the tide.”

On the food front, Catherine shared on Instagram that she likes to keep her lunches simple when she’s on set. That includes making a salad with apple, lettuce, olive oil, balsamic, tuna, a cucumber, and tomatoes.

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“A creature of habit, this has been and will be it for the foreseeable future 😂,” she joked in the caption.

I think you’re totally crushing it, Catherine! Keep up the hard work.

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