Isla Fisher Just Dropped Pics Of Her Epic Legs & Booty In A Swimsuit On IG

  • Isla Fisher seems to be enjoying 2023 so far with a lovely beach vacation, and she’s sharing some of these fun travels with her followers.
  • The actress, 46, shared pics of herself on Instagram wearing a cut-out swimsuit and coverup that put her strong legs (and a peek of her toned abs and booty) on display.
  • Isla doesn’t share a ton about her workout routines, but she definitely stays super active.

Isla Fisher just took a little break from real life with a beachy vacation, and she’s got the photo dump on Instagram to prove it. The 46-year-old Wolf Like Me star casually dropped a ton of pics of herself at the beach and they’re going to make you want to book your next vacation ASAP.

First, you’ll see Isla lounging on a beach in a strappy, pink, gingham, cut-out suit that shows off her toned abs, then Isla looking out over the water on a boat while flashing strong legs and booty, and plenty of gorgeous scenery shots to round it all out.

“Farewell Caribbean skies 🌸,” she wrote in the caption.

Plenty of people commented on her strong booty pic, with one writing, “cheeky😍.” And then someone chimed in with this hilarious nugget: “I want to be Isla Fisher when I grow up.” Uh, same.

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Isla hasn’t said a lot about what she does to get so strong, but she’s shared plenty of photos on Instagram that support the fact that she lives a ~very~ active lifestyle.

In one recent ‘grammable moment, you can see Isla boxing with a trainer on a mountainside, as one does. Boxing, in case you’re not familiar with it, is an all-over workout that builds tone in your legs, butt, core, and arms, among other things. It’s also a great, low-impact cardio workout.

She also seems to be big on doing stuff outside, regularly sharing photos of herself on hikes and bike rides through the countryside.

Isla has a pretty sweet gym set-up, and she shared a sneak peek at the room back in August when her nephew crashed her workout. While Isla and her nephew took center stage, as they should, you can also see heavy weights and a chin-up bar in the background.

By the way, Isla’s hardly sitting on her booty all day when she’s on vacation. Quite the opposite, actually! She joked in 2019 that she was “like the Little Mermaid” while sharing a snap of herself before she swam with dolphins and pilot whales.

Get it, Isla!

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