Venus Williams Totally Crushes An Ab And Booty Workout In This IG Video πŸ‘€

  • Venus Williams, 43, showed off her totally toned booty and abs in a new workout sequence video on Instagram.

  • In the clips, the pro tennis player did some weight-lifting and core-strengthening exercises.
  • Venus likes to dress up for the gym to get herself more excited for her workouts.

There’s truly no better cure for a summer slump than a super intense gym seshβ€”and Venus Williams has you totally covered for today’s motivation and inspiration. The pro tennis player shared a clip of her latest workout earlier this weekβ€”and her abs and booty were definitely super-toned and strong!

“Nothing brings confidence like preparation,” Venus wrote in her caption. In the vid, she did some weight-lifting, core-strengthening exercises (like single-leg raises), and worked her booty by doing rainbow taps with a resistance band. TBH, I’m tired just watching it, but Venus made the whole thing look so fun!

The tennis great’s followers were hyping her up in the comments, and she totally deserves the praise. “Looking thicc lol (from your jealous sister),” her sister Serena Williams commented. “You are on πŸ”₯,” penned yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee.

As a professional athlete, Venus generously shares insight to her workouts on her Instagram, and once, she even shared some of her favorite workouts with Vogue. A few of her favorite moves include side-lying clams (which she says help your “tooshie look amazing,”) and medicine ball crunches.

Although she’s a pro, Venus still gets her fair share of “gym-timidation,” she previously told WH. She combats that feeling by taking baby steps and upgrading to cute gym clothes. BTW, Venus loves to wear her “power colors,” or colors that make her feel the most confident. I love it!

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Venus fuels her workouts with a mostly vegan diet (she calls it “chegan” because she “cheats” from time-to-time), she previously told WH. She loves shakes with strawberries, mangoes and protein powder as a pre-workout breakfast.

For dinner, she usually has some kind of a lentil salad, with some homemade dressing. “I made a vegan butter, and ranch buttermilk dressing. It’s just so fresh, and it’s so quick [to make],” she told WH in 2021.

You’re an absolute queen, Venus. Thanks for the inspo!

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