Watch Addison Rae Hit The Splits And Show Off Her Abs In An Iconic IG Vid

  • Addison Rae reposted a video of herself wearing a sports bra and leggings while dancing around in a studio.

  • In the video, the star shows off her super-toned abs as she hits the splits over and over (and over).
  • For workouts, Addison has been known to hit up celebrity gym DOGPOUND in LA, and often targets her abs and booty.

It’s time to cue your Friday “it’s the weekend” dance, and if you need some inspo, Addison Rae is here to provide a masterclass in getting down. The TikTok star showed off her signature moves as she took a dance class at Playground LA, and the clips from her workout have everyone’s jaws on the floor.

In the footage, which another account posted and Addison reposted on her IG story, the 22-year-old rocked a sports bra and leggings as she showed off her super-toned core. She’s dancing all over the room and hitting more impressive splits than I can possibly count during the session. Of course, Addison opted for Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque” from the iconic Burlesque soundtrack to accompany her smooth moves, and it is everything.

“Just a taste,” the IG account captioned the video, which, of course, left fans with more questions than answers. Is there a Burlesque 2 with Addison and Cher? Is Addison back on her daily dancing TikTok grind? I suppose everyone will have to wait to see…

Here’s a short clip she posted to her own IG that also shows the other account’s video:

Addison Rae shares footage of her dance sesh.

People loved the clip of Addison, asking the important questions in the comments. “HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS TALENTED?!?!?” one person wrote. And I would have to agree, the splits and choreo are mind-blowing. Go, Addison, go!

Addison is definitely stronger than ever, and if you’re wondering how she gets so sculpted and toned, Women’s Health has the scoop. For starters, she doesn’t skip gym days.

Last year, the celebrity-frequented DOGPOUND gym in LA shared a video of Addison doing a really tough workout, showing that this star goes all in. In the clips, you can see her doing weighted leg lifts, slams with battle ropes, jumping jacks with ropes, leg lifts with ankle weights, and more. While this circuit will definitely engage *all* your leg muscles, the extra weight and balance provides a heck of a core workout, too, so it’s no surprise Addison’s abs are poppin‘:

Addison also taught her friend Kourtney Kardashian her favorite 6-minute booty burner workout in 2020, which she said she was doing almost daily. The Addison booty workout features 30 seconds of fire hydrants on each side, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant extensions. So, that means this sweat sesh will seriously work the core, in addition to the booty. A multitasking queen:

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Addison doesn’t share a lot about her diet, but she did share a photo treating herself to some sweets on IG. On a trip to Tokyo in December, Addison shared a snap of herself reaching for some gummies. Yum!

And she also did this sweet shoot with ice cream, which I’m hoping she got to snack on behind the scenes.

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Addison looks confident, strong and is killing this dance routine! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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