Whoa, Shay Mitchell Rocked A Crop Top On A Yacht, And Her Abs Were Crazy Fierce

  • Shay Mitchell—and her abs—totally slayed while on vacay.

  • The 36-year-old actress recently took to Instagram to drop snaps of impressive ‘fits—including a crop top that she paired with a flowy white skirt.
  • To stay in killer shape, Shay does a lot of HIIT and strength training.

Shay Mitchell has been hanging on a yacht in Italy for a week now, and she’s got some impressive photos to show for it. The latest Instagram dump features Shay all around the boat in the dreamiest crop top and flowy skirt outfit.

The 36-year-old actress shared a ton of pics on Instagram of herself in the ‘fit from the front, back, and sides as she poses around the boat. The last one puts Shay’s toned abs and sculpted arms on full display as she perches on a railing. “Sade all day,” she joked in the caption.

People were all about it in the comments. “Beautyyyyyy,” one wrote, while another said, “Italy suits you Shay ♥️.”

Shay has shared a ton of pics from her vacation, including shots of herself and her family swimming in a pool off the back of the yacht:

Shay and buddies drinking wine in bikinis on a boat:

And Shay showing off her toned abs in a black cropped top and matching skirt while checking out Italy:

One thing is clear: Shay is looking super strong these days. Shay previously told Women’s Health that she used Openfit five days a week. (She has a partnership with the brand.)

“It changed everything,” she said, of doing a four-week exercise plan with the app. “I had way more energy; I don’t have five cups of coffee anymore. I can sound preachy when I’m talking about it, but it totally altered my year.”

Shay has also worked with Kelsey Heenan, cycling through a blend of cardio and strength training that changes every day. In the mix: HIIT workouts, EMOMs (every minute on the minute), jump squats, arm and leg raises, and squat presses. “For me, it was always about a deadlift,” Shay said. “Getting up to 50 pounds was a boss move. I was really proud of myself.”

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After all that strength work, Shay said she can now do pushups. She also likes to supplement her workouts with jumping rope and taking hikes.

Shay has made it clear that she loves good food. She’s shared a bunch of impressive-looking spreads from her trip, along with a few pics of herself eating what looks like gelato. She also included this quote in one slideshow: “I just don’t want to look back and think, “I could’ve eaten that.”

Shay told WH that she’s a “healthy-ish eater,” adding, “I wish I could say it was all quinoa, salmon, and asparagus, but it’s not.” Her non-vacation meals include things like water with lemon, alongside a breakfast of eggs, spinach, cheese, and oil olive in a breakfast quesadilla. Lunch may be soup, like pho or chicken and macaroni, and she likes to have cheese, veggies, and a glass of wine in the afternoon, followed by a dinner of noodles or vegetables with a salad. Shay is also into dessert: She likes Lily’s chocolate-covered almonds and caramel-chocolate cookies from Costco.

That vacation, though…

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