Watch Hailey Bieber Ring In 2023 With Epic Abs And A Peek Of Her Thong On IG

Watch Hailey Bieber Ring In 2023 With Epic Abs And A Peek Of Her Thong On IG

  • Hailey Bieber just showed off her chiseled abs in a cut-out dress along with a peek of her thong in a new Instagram post.
  • The model, 26, showed off how strong she is with several photos and a video of herself dancing around.
  • Hailey is a big fan of boxing and hits up celeb-fave gym, DOGPOUND.

You heard it here first: The whale tail is back. And Ms. Hailey Bieber made it official in her latest photo dump from New Year’s Eve.

Hailey was having a grand old time dancing with her friends in an unidentified snowy locale to ring out 2022. In the post, Hailey was rocking a black mini-dress with cutouts that showed off her abs and a peek of her thong as she danced to Tame Impala. Honestly sounds like a 10/10 New Year’s, Hailey!

“Holiday Dump ❄️☀️ best times. best friends. Happy New Year ✨✨🤍,” the 26-year-old model captioned the photos and video.

If you were wondering how Hailey got her super toned core, the first thing to know is she’s super dedicated to getting her sweat on. Hailey started her career as a ballerina, but her time dancing was cut short after a foot injury, which she shared on the Women’s Health Going for Gold podcast.

These days, she’s more of a Pilates girly, though, which her fans already know thanks to the numerous paparazzi shots of Kendall Jenner and Hailey leaving Los Angeles area studios.

“…Pilates for me gets my body personally in the best shape because it’s very elongating,” she said. “A lot of the movements in Pilates are very similar to dance…I think that’s why I identify with and like it so much.”

She also shared that she’s a big fan of boxing, cardio workouts a few times a week at the gym, and weight training.

Hailey also follows a diet that keeps for her body happy and healthy. Her go-to breakfast includes eggs, oatmeal, or a smoothie. For lunch, she reaches for meals that are more protein-heavy. In 2016, she told Elle that she prefers to eat salads, fish, or grilled veggies, noting that she doesn’t eat much gluten.

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It’s especially great to see Hailey looking so happy and healthy, after her health scare this year. ICYMI, Hailey suffered a mini stroke, and had to get heart surgery afterwards back in April.

It was “definitely the scariest moment of my life,” Hailey said in a YouTube video afterwards.

Here’s to a happy and very healthy new year for the Biebers!

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