Watch Julianne Hough Flaunt Her Epic Abs In A Teeny Bikini In This IG Video

Watch Julianne Hough Flaunt Her Epic Abs In A Teeny Bikini In This IG Video

  • Julianne Hough showed off her super-toned abs and legs in a bikini in a new video on Instagram.
  • The Footloose alum shared footage of her favorite ways to unwind and recover at her go-to wellness spa.
  • To stay fit, Julianne does a mix of SoulCycle, power yoga, and weight lifting.

Julianne Hough is in full recovery mode in her latest post on Instagram. In the video, the 34-year-old actress can be seen dancing on a trampoline, swimming, and trying various wellness treatments. She also opened up about making new commitments to wellness in the new year.

“Coming to a place where you can fully relax, release, re-center, and focus on your gut health, your mental clarity and spiritual vibration is my idea of a party!” she wrote in the caption. “I know New Years comes around and everyone believes that’s when the year starts over—we can truly start a new year at any moment. But if that’s what it takes to re-commit to coming back to yourself, then I’m all for it!”

Fans were here for Julianne’s rest and recovery vibes, to say the least. “This is the ultimate dream. I’m coming with you next time ✨,” wrote one user. “Her energy ❤️❤️,” another added. “Incredible 🔥,” a third chimed in.

Julianne is almost always dancing, but when she’s not getting ready for her next big number, she’s taking group fitness classes. As it turns out, she’s a big fan of SoulCycle, hot power yoga, and weight lifting, she told Women’s Health in 2019.

Julianne works out five days a week, which means stayed fueled up to maintain her energy is super important. In the morning, she starts off with lemon water followed by celery juice. After the gym, she drinks a shake with avocado, almond butter, almond milk, spinach, protein powder, blueberries, and a banana, per WH.

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When it comes to lunch and dinner, Julianne tries to switch it up while making sure to avoid foods that cause inflammation. One of her favorite meals is a lentil-based Indian dish called mung dal that she eats with gluten-free crackers, toasted black sesame seeds, and vegetable sides like sweet potato, asparagus, ginger, and collard greens.

Although she’s not a morning person, Julianne revealed that getting in her workouts early in day makes all difference. “If I don’t move my body in the morning, I have a fine day,” she told WH. “If I move it first thing, I have an excellent day.”

Keep it up, Jules!

Sabrina is an editorial assistant for Women’s Health. When she’s not writing, you can find her running, training in mixed martial arts, or reading.