Whoa, Nicole Richie’s Fierce AF Abs Are Mega-Toned In A Teeny Bikini

  • Nicole Richie, 41, was toned all over as she rocked a bikini in Miami Beach.

  • The star wore a teeny stringy bikini and aviator sunglasses.
  • While she hasn’t spoken much about her diet or exercise routines recently, Nicole takes her sleep routine very seriously.

It’s officially bikini season and Nicole Richie, 41, is celebrating properly! The actress was recently spotted in Miami Beach, Florida enjoying the sun, and sporting a teeny stringy bikini. The fashion designer was toned all over as she made her way out of the water.

In terms of casual beach pics, this is one of the best I’ve seen all summer. Nicole sports some super cool aviator sunglasses along with her bikini. She also looks flawlessly chic in this candid. I mean, just see for yourself:

celebrity sightings in miami beach june 26, 2023

Nicole Richie in Miami Beach on June 26, 2023.


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The star hasn’t spoken much about her diet or workout routines in the last several years, but judging from her Instagram it does seem like she likes to cook and indulge in a glass of wine here and there. In a cooking video in 2019, she shared that she loves the “stir and sip” technique, or cooking with a glass of wine handy (perfect for cooking and relaxing, IMO!)

And as for other elements of self care, Nicole takes her bed time routine extremely seriously. In 2021, she walked SELF through her entire night routine—which, in a perfect world, starts at 7 p.m. for Nicole. I love it!

The star typically begins winding down with a glass of wine and some TV in the early evening (sometimes she’ll switch to tea instead). She also really values unplugging in the evening. “That’s something that I feel like my whole family and I have been constantly having to discuss this whole past year,” Nicole told SELF.

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Then, the fashion designer will sometimes hop in the bath if she really needs to chill out. And, she loves putting on lavender oil afterward to really help calm her down. Her night typically ends with some candles, an Olly gummy to help her sleep, and reading a book (ICYDK, Nicole is a big reader!).

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Nicole has bikini season and nighttime routines down to a science! Keep doing you, queen!

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