Um, Florence Pugh Is *So* Toned In These Nipple-Baring Naked Dress Pics

Um, Florence Pugh Is *So* Toned In These Nipple-Baring Naked Dress Pics

  • Florence Pugh dropped in on a haute couture fashion show this week and showed off how strong she is in a totally see-through naked dress.

  • In classic Flo fashion, the actress took the occasion to have a #freethenipple moment, too.
  • Florence is all about body positivity, and isn’t planning to “cover up” to make other people more comfortable.

Every A-lister in Hollywood seems like they’re off on a European adventure this summer, and Florence Pugh is no exception. The 27-year-old Midsommar actress is living it up in France, looking stronger and more radiant than ever.

Florence attended a Valentino Haute Couture fashion show this week, and she showed up rocking a totally see-through naked dress. And, since this is Miss Flo after all, she had a stunning free-the-nip moment, as well. The halter dress had a low back with a big black bow at the base of her neck. Combined with Florence’s shaved head, it was, as the kid’s say, giving.

Here’s a look at the pic if you missed it:

valentino front row paris fashion week haute couture fallwinter 20232024

Florence Pugh attends the Valentino show.

Marc Piasecki

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And another:

florence pugh

Florence has a free the nipple moment in France.

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If you’re wondering how Flo stays so strong and ready to slay red carpets around the globe, Women’s Health has answers. First, the star is body positive and makes it clear in interviews that she is *not* covering up to make anyone else comfortable.

Flo told Vogue that she grew up in a household that was very open with nudity, and it helped her confidence as she grew up. “I’ve never been scared of what’s underneath the fabric,” she told Vogue. “If I’m happy in it, then I’m gonna wear it. Of course, I don’t want to offend people, but I think my point is: How can my nipples offend you that much?” Still, people had a lot to say about Florence’s nipple-baring look in a pink Valentino gown earlier this year. But, in classic Flo fashion, she totally shut them down.

“Grow up. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect humans. Life will get a whole lot easier, I promise,” she wrote on IG beneath a photo of her in the dress after the backlash.

On the workout front, you should know that when Florence wants to get her body moving, she loves doing yoga. In fact, she previously shared a cute picture of her mat, beside her pet dog and chicken (!) on Instagram. ICYDK, yoga is a great way to work on all-over tone, stretching, and breathwork.

She also takes her strength training super seriously so that she can do her own stunts during filming. And those stunts are no joke, since Flo stars in all sorts of action and Marvel movies. “I really enjoy stunts,” she told Glamour UK. “I wanted to do as many stunts, so straight away, I learnt kickboxing and knife training.”

When it comes to staying fueled for her long work days and workouts, Florence is sure to pack in some nutritious meals that can keep her going. When she appeared on Harper’s BAZAARs “Food Diaries,” she shared that she loves breakfast and is sure to eat a hearty meal at the start of every day. When she’s filming, Flo said she’ll have two boiled eggs and a black coffee to start the day. On her days off, she opts for a piece of sourdough bread with two fried eggs and seasoned, heated cherry tomatoes. Yum!!

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Flo’s favorite lunch meal is a salad or a protein, banana, and spinach smoothie. A dinner fave is her father’s roast chicken with potatoes and veggies. And when she’s craving a snack, Flo says she loves a cheeseboard.

Keep slaying, ma’am!


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