Alert!! Camila Cabello’s Abs Are Pure 🔥 In New IG Photos From Paris

  • Camila Cabello is in Paris right now, and she wanted everyone to know what a fabulous time she’s been having.

  • The singer and actress got busy showing off subtle peeks of her toned AF core and legs in various outfits in a new Instagram post.
  • Camila and her personal trainer do lots of circuit work together to get her as strong as possible.

When you’re staying in a fancy Paris hotel room, you might as well do a glam photoshoot while listening to Beyoncé, right? Well, that’s exactly what Camila Cabello did in her latest collection of steamy photos posted to the ‘gram.

The pop star looks confident and strong as she poses during a photo session in France with photographer Ellen von Unwerth (anyone who has opened a fashion mag or observed the Kravis nuptials will be familiar with her work). In the shots, Camila poses in a sheer top, enjoying a little a ~free the nip~ moment as she poses in a truly adorable green skirt set in another while she munches on a croissant. In another pic, she’s covering her chest with a white cloth and showing off her toned abs as her hair cascades down her back.

@ellenvonunwerth and I met the day before this at a show in Paris. i’ve loved her work since forever and, as a person, she makes life a party. she was like ‘let’s have a shoot for fun in your hotel room’ ✨I love women like her: adventurous, spontaneous, rebellious, kind,” Camila captioned the pics. And let me tell you, this scenario seems like an actual dream.

Of course, Camila is incredibly glowy and strong in the pics, which her followers noticed. And they let her know how epic the shoot was in the comments. “🔥🔥,” actress Katherine Langford commented. Another fan added, “okay my jaw dropped wow.” Camila seems to be living her best life, and she (and her abs) definitely are jaw-droppingly strong in the photos.

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If you’re wondering what Camila does to get so toned, Women’s Health has the answers! For starters, the “Havana” singer works out with trainer Jenna Willis, who also works with Lala Kent and Liza Koshy, per Shape. The trainer told Shape that Camila is “extremely dedicated” to her workouts and “pushes hard” in all of their sessions. “Naturally, Camila is always on the go so we’ve tailored our workouts to fit that busy lifestyle,” Jenna said. “This means a lot of our workouts include minimal equipment that focus on strength, HIIT, and balance.”

Jenna also shared one of their full-body workouts with Shape, and it will definitely leave you sore. They do three circuits of exercises, including planks, hollow holds, sumo squats, and more, three times. After the strength circuits, Camila does two supersets of resistance training work, like banded knee pulls. She finishes with an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) that features squats, crunches, and groiners. So… yeah, that definitely explains the abs!

When it comes to her diet, Camila hasn’t shared much, but her trainer shared some general tips with Hello! She encourages eating everything in moderation and drinking lots of water. “You can work out like crazy, but if you continue to eat whatever, whenever you want, you will be discouraged by your results,” Jenna said.

Camila’s skin always seems to be glowing, and luckily, her routine is totally achievable. She shared her favorite product with WH, and you can buy it for just $30: The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Serum, which Camila uses at night. “It’s so hydrating,” Camila said. “I’m from Miami, so when I come to Los Angeles, my skin really feels the dryness. I always need extra hydration.”

Living for Camila’s photos and overall glamorous vibe. Keep living your best life, girl!

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