Amanda Seyfried Just Showed Off Her Toned Legs In A Rare Bikini Photo On IG

Amanda Seyfried Just Showed Off Her Toned Legs In A Rare Bikini Photo On IG

  • Amanda Seyfried dropped an Instagram post from some time spent at the beach this week.

  • In the post, Amanda is posing for a rare bikini photo on the sand with her toned legs on display.
  • The actress doesn’t share a ton about her current workout routines, but it’s clear that she loves getting active around her farm.

If you follow Amanda Seyfried on the ‘gram, you’ll know that she is all about the farm life. But the Dropout star has been on a beach vacation for a solid week, and it seems like she’s definitely enjoying the sandy vista. In fact, Amanda just shared a photo on Instagram from her trip, and it’s a total vibe.

The pic is simple: It features the 37-year-old lounging in the sand with her loyal pup, Finn. Amanda’s working a bucket hat, tee, and striped bikini bottoms that showcase her seriously sculpted legs as she lounges next to Finn.

Amanda kept the caption simple, writing, “⛱️.” And people were all over it. “WOW. Great legs,” one person wrote, while another chimed in with a million heart emojis.

Of course, Amanda didn’t get those strong legs by accident. If you’re looking for more insights into the star’s workout regimen, you’ve come to the right place. While Amanda doesn’t typically share details about her specific health and wellness routines like many other celebrities do, she’s dropped little tidbits here and there.

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Case in point: Amanda recently shared in an interview with Marie Claire that she likes to jump rope to help her relax—in increments of 1,000 reps. (No, that’s not a typo.) And Amanda is also just super active in her day-to-day. For example, she really likes doing work around her farm. Amanda shared with The New York Times that her farm in New York “solidified my need to be out of the game when I’m not working, to be in nature and to refresh.”

Want proof? Check out Amanda doing a total parkour move next to her horse:

…Or this video of Amanda carrying a super heavy-looking rock at feeding time for her goats:

When she’s not running around on her farm, she seems to enjoy a good game of pickleball. Last summer, she shared video of herself playing a game while barefoot, and totally crushing it:

She’s also into rock climbing, showing off her balancing skills during a session in 2020. FYI, this requires a ton of core, leg and arm strength. Amanda isn’t messing around!

It’s been a minute since she last gave an interview about her fitness routines, but Amanda previously told Vogue that she gets a lot of big benefits from working out. “Exercise is first and foremost what I need to keep doing to promote those good vibes, and I try to do it every day,” she said. “That physical release of stress is so therapeutic. Even a half-hour of jump-roping, on the bike, at Pure Barre, always makes for a more relaxing day.”

We love to see it!

Amanda Seyfried Just Showed Off Her Toned Legs In A Rare Bikini Photo On IG

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