Camila Cabello Is So Sculpted In A See-Through Naked Dress In These IG Pics

Camila Cabello Is So Sculpted In A See-Through Naked Dress In These IG Pics

  • Camila Cabello is in Paris, and she’s been dropping all kinds of fashion inspo on her IG feed.

  • Camila just shared some super strong photos in a space-themed, futuristic naked dress that showed off her toned legs, arms…and everything.
  • The singer puts in some serious work to get strong, and is also a big advocate of body positivity.

When you find a look you love, you want to share it with the world. Camila Cabello knows the deal, because she just dropped a ton of Instagram pics of herself in the coolest naked dress that looks like something from Outer Space. Camila has been hanging in Paris, so it only makes sense that she’s excited about serving some major looks while she’s there.

The 26-year-old singer shared five pics of herself working the Iris Van Herpen dress, which has to be seen to be believed. The naked dress features cool space-themed details, like sharp angles and wings over Camila’s chest, and the whole thing serves to showcase her long, toned legs and arms. Camila gave the designer a serious shout-out in the caption, too.

“My new girl crush is @irisvanherpen,” she wrote in the caption. “I love your passion for nature and biophilic design, we might be kindred spirits in that way 🦋 thank you for making beautiful things including this dress of yours, i feel like a 🦋.”

People were all over it in the comments. “And she’s just getting starteddddd,” one person wrote. “There she goes🔥🔥,” another said. “About to be that kind of week!!!! 🔥,” a third person wrote. Clearly, there were fire emojis aplenty.

Camila has been doing up Paris in serious style over the last few days. There was this leggy menswear-inspired ‘fit:

This LBD:

And this second-skin, long-sleeved black dress:

Camila’s definitely super strong, and she’s not afraid to show it off. While she’s not currently on tour, she goes all in during her performances. Like, watch her literally run across the stage while performing in this clip:

Camila has also worked with trainer Jenna Willis, who previously told Shape that she doesn’t phone it in when it comes to her workouts. Willis said that Camila is “extremely dedicated” and “pushes hard” during training sessions.

“Naturally, Camila is always on the go so we’ve tailored our workouts to fit that busy lifestyle,” Willis said. “This means a lot of our workouts include minimal equipment that focus on strength, HIIT, and balance, including complex movements that target the whole body.”

Those moves include things like bird-dogs to fire hydrants, squat hops, and plank rows to tricep kickbacks.

Of course, the two also make sure to have fun in the process. “We end up getting in an added ab workout because of how much we end up laughing,” Willis said. “She manages to keep me on my toes and turn every cardio move into an incredible-looking dance move.”

But while she’s all in with her fitness, Camila has been outspoken about how important her mental health and body positivity are to her overall health journey. Back in 2021, she went viral after sharing on TikTok that she caught herself having negative self-thoughts while going through a run in a shirt that showed off her belly.

“I was just running in the park minding my own business trying to be fit, trying to keep it healthy,” Camila said. “And I am wearing a top that shows my belly, and I wasn’t tucking it in, because I was running and existing like a normal person that doesn’t tuck it in all the time.”

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“And I was like, ‘Damn,’” she continued. “But then I reminded myself being at war with your body is so last season. I am grateful for this body that lets me do what I need to do. We are real women with curves and cellulite and stretch marks and fat. And we gotta own that, baby.”

Yes, Camila!

Camila Cabello Is So Sculpted In A See-Through Naked Dress In These IG Pics

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