Emily Ratajkowski’s Six-Pack Abs Are Totally Fierce In A New Bikini Video On IG

  • Emily Ratajkowski is looking extra fit and toned these days.

  • The 31-year-old model just posted a series of fierce bikini pics on Instagram—and damn those abs are next-level!
  • For Emily, staying fit involves going to group classes, which she says helps motivate her.

Emily Ratajkowski has her own bikini line and she just released a bunch of new drops. And naturally, EmRata showed off her designs on Instagram.

In a new video, the 31-year-old model can be seen posing in a Brooklyn park in her swimsuits. There’s Emily working a red string bikini layered under slouchy jeans while flashing her jacked abs; Emily hanging in a leopard print bikini with a jean skirt over top as she sips a beer; and Emily showcasing her toned stomach and sculpted legs as she tosses her hair around while lounging in the grass.

“City Girl Summer,” she said in the caption, before plugging her new suits. Of course, this is EmRata we’re talking about—so people couldn’t help but notice that she’s looking seriously fit these days. “Abs go crazy,” one said. While another chimed in with “looking 🔥 stunning.”

Emily also shared a sneak peek from this drop in February, while flashing her toned booty in the process:

Emily recently partnered with Strong by Zumba, and she told InStyle it’s a natural fit for her. “I’m one of those people who, if I go to the gym by myself, there’s a 50/50 chance of me actually working out and really pushing myself, so the class environment works really, really well for me,” she said. “I am also someone who, even in a class, will get chatty and [distracted].”

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Inamorata Capreria Top

Inamorata Capreria Top

Inamorata Capreria Bottom

Capreria Bottom

Inamorata Capreria Bottom

Emily said she tends to look at working out as something that’s vital for her physical and mental health. “For me, the way I sleep afterward is one of the main reasons to work out,” she said. “I am always on my phone working and I think that’s affected my sleep. I’m also really light-sensitive. When I work out, it’s better than taking a melatonin. Because my body has worked hard, my brain finally rests and I think that is so valuable in this day and age—not to sound like an old geezer, but truly I feel that way.”

Emily previously told Elle that she ~also~ likes to do yoga a few times a week, too.

Emily hasn’t said much about her eating plan lately, but she previously told Vogue that she likes to have coffee in the morning, with granola, yogurt, or toast. Lunch is usually some kind of lean meat and greens, she told Harper’s Bazaar. And, for dinner, she’ll often try to eat in. “I cook a lot, so that really helps,” she told Elle. “You know how much salt and sugar and all of that kind of stuff you are putting in your body.”

Be right back—gotta check out those new suits!

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