Madelaine Petsch’s Abs And Booty Are Major 🔥 In These Naked Dress Pics

  • Madelaine Petsch dropped some Instagram photos where she’s flaunting her sculpted abs, legs, and butt in a see-through naked dress.

  • The Riverdale actress loves Pilates, strength training, and living an active life.
  • She grew up eating a plant-based diet and is a vegan now.

Wearing a naked dress is a total statement in Hollywood right now so, naturally, Madelaine Petsch just worked a next-level version.

The Riverdale star shared a bunch of pics on Instagram of herself in a stunning Givenchy naked dress that showed just how strong she is. The photo dump features the 28-year-old actress posing next to a window in the dress, showing off her sculpted abs and legs, posing from the side with her toned booty on display, and leaning against a table with a glass of bubbly. (You know, as one does while wearing a naked dress.)

“Went to a party in my birthday suit,” she joked in the caption. People—including her Riverdale co-stars—totally lost it in the comments. “Good lawd 🔥,” said Lili Reinhart, while Camila Mendes chimed in with, “You’re stunning bye.”

I mean, all true. Madelaine is so strong and glowy right now—sooo, what’s she been up to in the fitness department? Apparently, Pilates is in the mix. She just dropped video of herself on her Instagram story doing some impressive-looking leg raises on the reformer and it’s got a total ballet dancer vibe.

<div>Madelaine Petsch's Abs And Booty Are Major 🔥 In These Naked Dress Pics</div>

Madelaine previously told Women’s Health that she works out regularly with Pvolve creator Stephen Pasterino. (Pvolve, in case you’re not familiar with it, focuses on low-impact, resistance-based workouts.) “The more I move, the happier I’ll be,” she said. “I link my mental health to working out.”

Still, Madelaine shared that she tends to focus a lot on her abs. (Yup, her hard work defs shows.) “My trainer does this thing called six-minute abs, which is honestly deathly. They are the hardest thing ever,” she said. The routine involves doing six minutes of core moves that switch up every 30 seconds or minute.

But the Sightless actress is into full-body workouts as well, including moves with medicine balls and resistance bands like ball slams, crab walks, and squats. Outside of the gym, it seems Madelaine’s super active, too. She shared a some photos on Instagram in February of herself doing a lot of things, including aerial yoga and going on a hike.

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But, like all of us, it’s hard for Madelaine to stay motivated 100 percent of the time. “I usually work out in the morning, so a key to me actually going is picking out my workout outfit the night before in my bathroom, with socks, undies, everything right there,” she told TheThirty. “Then, I have no excuses.”

Madelaine told WH that she follows a vegan diet and grew up eating plant-based meals. She “always” eats breakfast, but sometimes has trouble remembering to eat other meals because her schedule is so busy. “It’ll be five p.m. and I haven’t had lunch,” she said. “My energy levels will completely drop. That’s where I struggle, making time to eat because I’ll forget.”

The YouTuber said she also focuses on getting in enough protein. “Protein is something I really have to be aware of in every meal or else my energy levels just go completely downhill,” she revealed. Her go-to source? Red lentil pasta. “I need to hit my salivary glands and I also need to hit my protein,” she added.

I can’t wait to see your next fashion statement, Madelaine!

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