Pamela Anderson Is Simply Iconic In These Sculpted AF Bikini Pics On IG

  • Pamela Anderson just dropped her first swimsuit collection with Frankies Bikinis, and she took to Instagram to show a sneak peek this week.

  • It was hard to miss how totally strong and toned the model and actress was, from her head to her toes.
  • Pamela eats a vegan diet and enjoys dancing when she wants to get her heart pumping.

PSA: Pamela Anderson’s *first* ever swim collection has just dropped, and it is all your beachy dreams come true. Of course, the Baywatch star included her famous red one-piece in the haul, which is definitely going to have you whipping your credit card out.

Pamela is the latest star to partner with Francesca Aiello’s brand, Frankies Bikinis, for this epic swimsuit drop. And in new Instagram photos promoting the line, the 55-year-old star is as ageless and radiant as ever.

Pamela dropped a collection of photos of herself on Instagram this week as she rocked various swimwear pieces, including a white one-piece and some bikinis. The actress is bare-faced, natural, and toned all over as she sits in the water. It’s giving big model energy.

“Tomorrow, my first-ever swimwear collection drops at 9 am pst -A dream come true …,” wrote Pamela on Instagram. “Something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time -From me to you 🤍.”

Obviously, people loved this look on Pamela, and they made sure to let her know in the comments. “Pam Anderson invented swimwear tbh” commented one follower. And Paris Hilton iconically wrote, “That’s hot🔥.”

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If you’re wondering what Pamela does to stay lifeguard-style strong through the years, you’re in good company. First of all, it may surprise you to know that the star doesn’t have a super strict workout routine. “I don’t work out much,” she told PEOPLE. Instead, she incorporates movement into her daily life.

“I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum. I’ve always stretched and moved my body with resistance,” she said. Pamela loves dancing and trained in ballet in Paris. “I’m more flexible than strong,” she told the mag.

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ICYMI, Pamela also starred as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway, which definitely requires lots of long hours of dance rehearsals. Talk about a cardio boost. “To start off, it’s three hours of dance with Greg Butler, two hours of acting with Ivana Chubbuck, and then one hour of voice with Eric Vetro…It’s a lot! I love really hard work,” Pamela told Vogue.

When it comes to her diet, Pamela is a vegan, and she famously told Piers Morgan that vegans make better lovers, per Fox News. The actress also told Vogue that she only eats between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. “It just makes me feel so great and energized.” Of course, Pamela includes a “great vitamin regimen” in her daily nutrient intake, thanks to her doctor in LA.

And finally, Pamela does a lot of self-care, which often means massages (especially if she is going through an emotional time), she shared with People.

Pam only gets better with age, and I am here for it. Now, please excuse me as I recreate my Baywatch fantasies in one of these suits this summer!

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