Build Your Summer Bikini Body

Don’t you think it’s that time where we all want two weeks on sun-kissed sand, loosening and soaking up the sun and listening to that soothing sound of water? You’re going to want to look and feel your best on the beach. Toned legs and upper arms, a slim waist, and a flexible body don’t appear overnight, so the key to getting a toned body is to start your health and fitness plan early, rather than attempting a crash course in training and dieting.
To get a kick-ass body you can follow the below tips and boom you can get a toned bikini body.

1. Muscle Training

When you boost your muscle mass to your body composition, you actually burn fat. Most women are worried that exercises such as weightlifting will cause them to bulk up and look manly. But that’s not the case. Women have far less testosterone than males and their muscles won’t grow that big, but become lean and toned instead. That’s why muscle training is an incredible way to tone your muscles, burn more calories, and have a great body. Muscle training also causes your metabolism to burn for a longer time than cardio, meaning fat continues to get used up even when you’ve stopped working out. Your fitness will improve and the changing shape of your body will make you feel more than able to sway that bikini!

2. Muscles Need Energy

The more muscle you progressed, the more energy you require. Once your muscle training has helped you increase your muscle mass, it will help your metabolism run faster and, consequently, the body will use the calories you consume more efficiently and quickly. It goes without saying that cardio training is important, but muscle training is vital if you wish to lose weight. Concentrating solely on cardio will not get you the results you need, and can give you that skinny fat look that nobody wants to train for. This is why you need to work with weights and also consume a lot of protein so that your body has the building blocks it needs to strengthen muscle.

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3. Train Early

Any time workouts will do wonders for your bikini body, but morning workouts are ideal. This gives you the right boost to start your day and fires up your metabolism to burn extra calories. As hard as it is to wake up out of bed, getting an exercise in after breakfast is perfect to kickstart your metabolism, starting the fat and calorie burn process. And if you’ve worked out hard your metabolism will keep burning for the rest of the day, up to 15 hours after, killing off those calories at a greater rate. Sometimes our plans don’t allow for morning workouts, but boosting your metabolism and freeing up the rest of the day can be a great way to start the day and keep to your workout routine.

4. Perfect Diet Plan

Diet is of highest importance when it comes to trimming up your bikini body, and instead of skipping out on meals, try eating a substantial amount of healthy natural foods, rich in nourishment but low in calories. No amount of workout will help you achieve your goal if you don’t change your eating habits. Diet contributes up to 70% of your body composition and the rest is exercise at a low 30%. So say goodbye to junk, fizzy beverages and alcohol. Try to prepare easy, healthy, grain-free, paleo recipes. Consulting a doc is always a good idea when you are looking to change your diet and lifestyle. In fact, there could be medical reasons that you may be unaware of that are increasing your body fat. Or you may not be able to participate in some forms of diet and nutrition due to illnesses in the body such as diabetes. Depending on your body weight the doctor might endorse some effective weight loss products or weight gain products that are right for your body needs which can help you get in shape more quickly.

5. Drink More Water

The benefits of water are enormous, Keeping your brain functioning properly, hydrating your skin, flushing out toxins, and many more. But when trying to lose weight water is key! It can curb hunger and fill you up before meals. It can provide needed blood flow and muscle hydration before, during, and after exercise, helping you perform efficiently and keep going for longer. Water can even prevent water retention and bloating, helping your digestive system and productive metabolic functioning. So stick to water, green teas, and detox drinks and gather the benefits of something so modest on your bikini body.

6. Something for your Stomach

Your tummy just might be the most important part of your bikini body. Not all women are satisfied with their bellies. Even if your stomach muscles get stronger, there is often a layer of fat over them, which you desperately want to get rid of. To succeed, you need to do a variety of exercises that focus on your entire core, rather than working out endless rounds of sit-ups. Doing planks, leg lifts and abs crunches to begin toning that tummy. Follow a complete abdominal routine for beginners to advanced level and try doing some exercises that strengthen your core.

If you follow these tips and introduce regular and correct exercise and change your dietary habits, you’ll have very good chances of finally getting that great bikini body you’ve been dreaming about.

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