Sydney Sweeney Is A Mega-Sculpted Retro Queen In See-Through Shapewear On IG

  • Sydney Sweeney definitely brought her A-Game to the Met Gala, but she also just shared some behind-the-scenes photos of her prep, and they are every bit as iconic.

  • The actress, 25, showed off her super strong legs and a peek of abs in her see-through shapewear as she shimmied into her dress.
  • Sydney loves doing mixed martial arts training, and likes doing home workout videos from Dogpound or going out for a run.

Sydney Sweeney didn’t just slay on the Met Gala red carpet on Monday. The 25-year-old looked just as glam before she stepped out for fashion’s biggest night wearing her stunning, pink Miu Miu gown.

Hollywood’s newest “It Girl” offered her Instagram followers a peek behind the scenes of her Met Gala prep, and obviously, she looked totally adorable and toned AF as she got ready for the big night out. The White Lotus star posted pics of herself in her see-through shapewear looking like a retro Hollywood starlet. I am here. For. It.

Sydney also shared snaps of herself getting ready in her white robe that was embroidered “Syd,” while her team wore matching “Team Syd” robes. Uh, can I buy one of these online, or…?

Beyond looking happy, and healthy, Syd is just super strong as she struts her stuff in (and out of) her gown.

“moments before the met with @miumiu 🖤” Sydney captioned the photos. Of course, her followers loved the BTS look at this queen getting ready, and they definitely hyped her up in the comments section. “Truly, the modern day Marilyn Monroe,” wrote one person. Another added, “Drooling (respectfully),” and TBH, same.

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If you’re wondering how Sydney gets so strong and toned all over, Women’s Health has some insights for you. Believe it or not, Sydney has been training in mixed martial arts since she was 14, she shared with Marie Claire. She was the only girl in her dojo, she told Porter, but she didn’t mind. “When you walk into the ring as a girl wearing pink, the guys are like, ‘whatever.’ But then, when you can kick their ass, it’s the greatest feeling ever,” she said. Love it!

On a visit to The Kelly Clarkson show, Sydney said her parents always encouraged her to try new things, which might be why she has such a varied workout routine. Sydney is seriously athletic, from her MMA skills to her waterskiing capabilities. “My mom and my dad would tell me to try and fall in love with as many things as possible,” she said.

Sydney tries to get active every day, even if she doesn’t have time for a full-on training session. “I try to take my dog on a walk twice a day. We’ll do a two-mile walk in the morning and again at night if I can,” she told Bustle. “If I’m feeling really motivated, I’ll run. If I have an hour, I’ll do a workout video at home, like a Dogpound one.” BTW, DOGPOUND is a celeb-favorite gym that curates really intense workouts.

When it comes to fueling her body, Sydney actually shared her exact breakfast with Bustle. “I like to start the day with berries. Right now, I’m really into this croissant toast that I eat with cinnamon sugar and honey butter.” Plus, Sydney *only* drinks water, and has never had a sip of coffee in her life, which might explain the glowing skin. “I love water, it’s my thing.”

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But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t indulge in a sweet treat every now and again. Syd says she gets her energy boost from Swedish Fish or pretty much any yummy gummy snack when she’s feeling tired. May have to try that one…

Sydney, you’re truly thriving!

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